YEAR: 2006

2006 International 4200 26-foot moving van, 106,000 miles––– I bought this in July 2021 and have been repairing and otherwise improving it since. The truck has 106,000 miles with a Jasper-remanufactured, 6-liter, turbocharged, Diesel engine of 260 miles. The new engine runs perfectly as does the truck. All the cab & van doors function perfectly. The van body has no leaks! I recently re-checked this after a long, heavy rain. The van has the E-track system and has a total volume of 2089 cubic feet = 59.15 cubic meters. It has a 6-speed, manual transmission–––no slippage or erratic shifting as with automatics! All 6 tires have 90% or more tread. The HVAC system operates perfectly; there is no freon leakage! AM-FM stereo with a weather band–––the CD player doesn’t work well. Other features: tilt steering wheel; pneumatic driver’s seat; power, ABS, 4-wheel disc brakes; display of odometer, tripometer, chronometer (total hours), fuel mileage (11 MPG hiway); cruise control; heated rear-view mirrors; original International engine guide. Recent replacements/additions/improvements: ball joints; all 4 brake rotor discs; shoes; 1 U-joint; LED taillights; LED marker lights (15 total); LED strip luminaires to the van’s interior including an LED luminaire outside the back doors; LEDs in cab's interior; 2-inch trailer hitch receiver and 7-pin type electrical jack which includes back-up-light supply; LED fog lights of which, as the van’s interior illumination, are controlled by 2 illuminated dash-mounted switches; gauges: inside & outside temperature, ammeter, and clock; LED cab dome luminaires; 2 cigar-lighter-style, 12-volt/20-amp power outlets; Also, there is a 20-amp banana-plug jack power outlet.; CB radio with PA speaker and concealed antenna cable; 55-gallon, aluminum fuel tank; cabin air filter cleaned; AGM battery ($400); 12-foot aluminum ramp–––new, unused; aluminum driver’s-side steps (These aluminum items reduce the weight of truck); lubrication of all the U-joints, ball joints, tie rod ends, clutch throw-out bearing, etc.; I sanded the oak floor and coated it with the entire gallon of high-quality polyurethane–––2 1/2 coats. The floor hasn’t been used since. I changed the brake fluid with the synthetic type (DOT-3) and the transmission and differential oil with synthetic oil–––21 liters. The Diesel tank is full. –––New Virginia state safety inspection (expires 8-'23). $75,000 Only 3 photos are allowed here; I have more. If interested, write me with your email address; I'll send you the rest of the photos. Or: see the photos in my Craigs List ad:

Price: $68,000.00

Phone Number: (703) 933-7000

Person to ask for: Richard Otto

Email for more information:

Location: Virginia

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