YEAR: 2000

4110 All photos before any work done to unit…FHWA! Hard wood deck, Stainless Hand pan latches and radius L & R, 2000 Kentucky Single drop Moving van Tri-Axle, aluminum rims on 2 grounded axles & one floating 3rd axle, 4300 Cubes 1 X 53’ X 102” X 13’6 X 17” Drop, with 12” inch centers, 10-hole Budd, 255-75 R 19.5, 17.5 on floater, 50% OB Tires & 50% or better Brakes, Air-ride, Fixed Tri-axles, Swing doors at rear, 3 double Doors 1 single top deck curbside, 2 Double street side doors, Trans Top with runner, 3 set belly boxes, logistic posts, Double Tire rack, kem-Interior walls, FOB; Lemont, Illinois, Unit Price $31,900 with recon and paint! 2 Coat polly on deck some misc. int paint!

Price: $31,900.00

Phone Number: 630-257-0112

Person to ask for: Sales

Location: Illinois

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